Y’all saddle up now, ’cause navigating the wild frontier of state shipping laws requires a keen eye and a steady hand. Here’s the lay of the land, state by state, so you know what’s what before you send for your gear.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

  • Dropshipping: As rare as hen’s teeth. Expect to pay a bounty in shipping fees for items coming our way first.
  • Local Inventory Items: Some might ship without extra fees, but that’s as unpredictable as spring weather.
  • Restricted Goods: Flamethrowers and Tannerite are no-go.

California: The Golden State

  • Firearms: Must be California approved. Your FFL dealer’s your guide here.
  • Ammo Shipments: FFL’s the word.
  • Magazine Limit: No more than 10 rounds.
  • Restricted Items: From binary triggers to flamethrowers, it’s a long list.

Colorado: The Rocky Mountain State

  • Magazine Limit: Capped at 15 rounds.

Connecticut: The Constitution State

  • Ammo Shipments: FOID’s required.
  • Magazine Limit: Max of 10 rounds, and they can’t be shipped in.
  • Binary Triggers: Not welcome here.

Delaware: The First State

  • Magazine Limit: Set at 17 rounds.
  • Binary Triggers: Join the list of restrictions.

District of Columbia (DC)

  • Binary Triggers: Best left at the city limits.

Florida: The Sunshine State

  • Binary Triggers: Not shining on these.

Hawaii: The Aloha State

  • Dropshipping: More hassle, more cost.
  • Magazine Limit: Stuck at 10 rounds.
  • Restricted Items: Black powder guns and binary triggers, to name a few.

Illinois: The Prairie State

  • By District: A patchwork of laws, especially strict in Cook County and Chicago.
  • Magazine Limit: Depends on where you hang your hat.
  • Restricted Firearms: Some are as welcome as a storm on the prairie.

Iowa: The Hawkeye State

  • Binary Triggers: Not on target here.

Maryland: The Old Line State

  • Magazine Limit: Holding steady at 10 rounds.
  • Restricted Items: Flamethrowers and explosive targets are out.

Massachusetts: The Bay State

  • Firearms: Must be Massachusetts approved.
  • Magazine Limit: Limited to 10 rounds.
  • Ammo and Pepper Spray: FFL required.

Minnesota: The North Star State

  • Current Status: Sales on hold unless you’re an FFL dealer, thanks to sales tax complexities.

New Jersey: The Garden State

  • Magazine Limit: Capped at 10 rounds.
  • Ammo Sales: FOID’s the ticket.
  • Air Gun Sales: Need FFL approval.
  • Binary Triggers: Not allowed.

New York: The Empire State

  • Magazine Limit: 10 rounds for most, 5 for tactical rifles.
  • Ammo and Pepper Spray Sales: FFL’s required.
  • Binary Triggers: Off-limits.

Rhode Island: The Ocean State

  • Magazine Limit: Max of 10 rounds.
  • Binary Triggers: Not in this state.

Vermont: The Green Mountain State

  • Magazine Limit: 10 rounds for long guns, 15 for handguns.

Washington (State): The Evergreen State

  • High-Cap Magazines: Shipping’s a no-go.
  • Magazine Limit: Capped at 10 rounds.
  • Binary Triggers: Keep ’em out.

Cowboys and cowgirls, remember this: Before you lay your money down, check the trail ahead with your local FFL dealer. Make sure the gear you’re after can ride into your state without causing a ruckus. We’re here to help you navigate these rough trails, but the law’s the law, and it’s your job to know it.

FINAL NOTICE: Any gear that can’t be transferred to you for whatever reason will cost you in shipping both ways, plus a restocking fee. Make sure you’re clear to receive what you’re ordering by checking with your FFL dealer before you make your purchase. This is the way of the Tactical Cowboy Outdoors – keeping your journey within the bounds of the law, without losing the spirit of the wild west.

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