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The Tactical Cowboy Outdoors Best Price Request Feature

Howdy, partner! Welcome to the “Best Price” corral here at Tactical Cowboy Outdoors. We reckon you’re here because you’ve got an eagle eye for value and quality. Let’s walk you through how you can snag the best deal on the range with our “Best Price” feature.

Spotting the Deal: When you’re perusing our vast inventory of gear and goodies, keep your eyes peeled for the “Request Best Price” badge. This ain’t no ordinary label – it’s your golden ticket to a deal that’s fit for a sheriff.

Sending Your Signal: Found something that catches your fancy? Hit that “Request Best Price” button with the speed of a prairie lightning bolt. That’s your way of sending up a smoke signal to us, saying, “I reckon I could get a better deal on this.” And we’re here to listen.

Crafting Your Custom Quote: Once your request hits our homestead, our team of dedicated cowboys and cowgirls will get to work, rustling up a custom quote just for you. We tailor each quote to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Expect a response faster than a jackrabbit on a hot date, but give us up to a day, as these deals are handcrafted with care – no automation here, just good old-fashioned service.

Your Move, Partner: We’ll send your custom quote straight to your inbox. If it sparks joy like a campfire on a cold night, simply hit the “Accept” button. This trail leads straight back to your cart, where you can mosey on to checkout.

The Fine Print: Just a couple of things to note, partner:

  • Quote Validity: Each quote we send out is as fresh as the morning dew, but just like the dew, it don’t last forever. You’ve got 2 days to tip your hat and accept it before it vanishes like a ghost in the desert due to the ever-changing nature of prices.
  • Discretion is Key: We understand that some manufacturers are as touchy as a cat on a hot tin roof when it comes to advertising prices below certain levels. That’s why your quote is just for you – discreet as a moonshiner’s stash.

Questions or Need a Hand? If you’re as confused as a goat on AstroTurf or just need a bit more info, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer service team is as friendly as a town dog and ready to help with any questions or concerns.

Thank y’all for choosing Tactical Cowboy Outdoors. We’re here to ensure you get the best deals without the wild west runaround. Happy trails and happy shopping!

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